Car Body – Spray Paint

There are plenty of guides on how to spray paint your vehicle. Even Halfords has one. The questions we get asked the most… what paint to use? Most of the spray paints we sell can be used on cars, however the best one (in our opinion!) is the Molotow Premium (Belton) range.

Why? It’s the only spray paint that uses a 4 times ground car pigments. Making it perfect to attach to car body work. It also produces less spray dust, it’s anti drip and is highly opaque. Molotows own Spray Technology is one of the best on the market.

The artist spray can series is outstanding through its spray paint formula of high quality and reliable technology settings. Especially the (UV) resistance and sustainability of artworks is being focused. These spray cans are suitable for commissioned paintings, valuable atelier works, or as graffiti cans of high quality. The products of the artist series are always developed in close cooperation with international artists of different art genres.

As a U.K. Molotow partner we offer and stock the entire premium range, at the best rates. Pick your colours, and get your car spray painted.

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