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From street graffiti, to fine art. Spray paint is an artists tool that spans a wide range of creative outputs. The styles it offers gives a range of possibilities, allowing creatives to style anything from cars, to up-cycling, fabric and clothing design, to intricate keepsakes. There’s a range of spray paint available, to achieve specific finishes, that would suit any need. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you find and understand some of our best brands. Whether you’re applying the paint to wood plastic, paint, masonry, fabric… we’ve got you covered!


This is one of our absolute favourites. There’s three distinct offerings from Molotow; Coversall, One4All, and the classic Belton Premium.

Coversall is all about high definition. The paint is available in 48 rich colours, that would lift up any project. Due to pure pigments, the paint achieves a semi-gloss, extra deep colour brilliance. Moreover, the new soft valve system ensures a quick, soft paint application. The highly opaque, into alkyd-based paint (expect for the pure black) ensures a very good UV resistance and is therefore perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

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One4All is the paint that’s suitable for nearly all surfaces. The One4All spray can is a high-quality acrylic dispersion. It is the perfectly fitting equivalent to the One4All acrylic marker system and has been developed for a combined application wet on wet. The amount of volatile solvents has been replaced by 85% water – this makes the One4All pray can to the most ecological on the market. The quick drying time is outstanding, especially for a water-based spray can and the low odour formula allows the indoor use of the can. Overall this spray can is the right tool for all atelier works and valuable artworks, which require long sustainability, also regarding cracks. This spray can is the first milestone of a new era.

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Belton Premium was the worldwide first real graffiti spray and until today, it is still known as the no1 reference spray can. Equipped with the proven Molotow Spray Paint Technology, this spray can works down to -10°C. Some settings have been improved to such an extent, that neither spray dust nor unintended drips occur. The Premium is further known for its good UV resistance.

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Montana Gold, high-covering and quick-drying acrylic lacquer. It has a specially developed Low-pressure system, that guarantees maximum accuracy to meet the highest requirements while giving professional results! Montana Gold allows for a new level of ease and control when painting with spray cans, with no cracking or colour bleaching. With 200 matt acrylic colours, 2 metallic, 3 effect colours and 9 transparent colours, Montana Gold offers one of the largest and most concise colour range available in spray paint. Montana Gold can be applied on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surfaces.

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Montana Black is a high-pressure Nitro-Combination based formula and is the superior can of it’s class. Re-developed with 187 powerful, high covering matte finish colours that can be applied to any surface. Short drying time allows rapid re-application and overlapping with other colours immediately. Non-scented aerosol paint made to the highest quality, health and environmental standards. Montana Black spray paint is famous for its quality and reliability. The perfect tool for street art and graffiti artists. With its high pressure valve, Montana Black allows users fast application. Montana BLACK is weather and winter-proof.

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Montana also has a range of Effect spray paints. Allowing you to achieve finishes mimicking Chalk, Crackle, Marble, Glitter, Metalic, and more! It’s easy of application, and high quality paint, makes these cans some of our favourites.

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MTN 94 is one of our best sellers. Its low pressure and smooth valve system makes 94 an extremely easy aerosol paint to handle. Its ability to dry quickly prevents drips and also allows for almost immediate repainting. However, one of the most important aspects of the 94 range is its wide array of high opacity colours. The ample selection will make it easy for you to find the optimal tone to suit your needs. This is a synthetic paint, with a low pressure can. Giving you a matt finish.

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MTN Water-based, a spray paint with properties similar to those of MTN 94 in terms of finish, pressure, coverage and dry time, are presented in a water-based version and packaged in a slightly smaller format which makes it convenient for meticulous work and for storage. Its low solvent content means the intensity of its scent is minimal, thus decreasing its impact in enclosed spaces, making MTN Water Based 300 the perfect product for interior decoration or in spaces with little ventilation. In addition, before it’s completely dry, the paint can be erased with water or reworked with other techniques such as using a wet paint brush.

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Kobra HP (High Power). This spray paint has a high ‘solid’ content to ensure great coverage on any surface. It is perfect for painting on canvas, wood, metal, glass, paper, card, plastic, concrete, brick and more. The spray paint adheres to the surface quickly allowing minor risks of drips. Kobra is an all season spray paint, the special formula does not suffer in high humidity or cold.  It is also compatible with most other spray paints on the market due to its acrylic formula. The spray paint has a matt finish and dries fast. Due to its special soft valve, the user has total control during spraying even when maximum precision is required. Also look out for the Low (Low Power) range, which is perfect for detailed work.

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