COVID-19 : A message from our team.

The Short Version – Our online store remains open for online orders. Our retail store has temporarily closed. Normal delivery estimates are not shown as they are likely to be delayed.

The Long Version…

Freedom, expression, & community. These are deep-rooted values of the graffiti and creative world. Over the last decade, we at Graff-City have supported and supplied artists across the globe. Providing necessary tools to individuals of all ages and background to express their passions.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen an increased demand for creative supplies as people seek ways to express themselves from the safety of their homes & spaces. It’s with a heavy heart, we have to announce the temporary closure of our retail store to the public. Health and safety of our workers and customers is extremely important, and we feel this is a necessary step in aiding in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

That said, our online store will remain open. Our warehouse in Abergavenny has in place steps to promote a safe work environment, and we are using this to continue our business and offer our customers a supply of art & graffiti goods. With demand increasing, and the evolving national crisis, we ask our customers to bear with us with updated and delayed delivery times.

The national situation is changing daily, but we will update you if our own plans need to change. 

Our thoughts go out to everybody who’s affected, and we give a big thanks to the frontline working heroes, who are putting their lives on the line keep our nation moving. 

As the country moves into self-isolation, our sense of community & support is needed more than ever. Our Facebook and Instagram team will repost artwork and the efforts of our artistic community over the trialling weeks ahead. Acts of kindness, sharing accomplishments, and supporting each other over these uncertain times is the best way to beat this. There is good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.

Please stay safe and look after each other. Thank you for supporting us.

The Graff-City team.

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