Product Reviews for Yard Master Spray Paint

Yard Master Spray Paint

Amazing finish with high pressure satin colours. Best low budget paint I've EVER used from GC. And another amazing bargain in the sale/offers. 5stars

December 13, 2019
Yard Master Spray Paint

Nice paint , prefer loop or no formula

December 6, 2019
Yard Master Spray Paint

Quality at an affordable price

April 9, 2019
Yard Master Spray Paint

Excellent paint my son loves them

December 17, 2018
Fantastic paint

All the colors i have tested (almost all except maybe 2 or 3) have had very good coverage, and have had a very smooth, high pressure output. My favorite shades would be Cinnamon and Lavender Blue, while all other shades that i have tested have been very nice as well. The cinnamon has a very nice look that i would call "Fluorescent brown" if that was a thing. Definitely get a few of these bad boys.

December 4, 2018