Product Reviews for LP Spray Paint

LP Spray Paint

Triffic product

January 20, 2020
LP Spray Paint


November 26, 2019
very good paint!

10/10 great coverage, highly pigmented, controllable low pressure nice colours. the transparent black is one of the best transparent ever. 3.75 a bit pricey but quality for the money

October 31, 2019
LP Spray Paint

Marvelous always my favourite spray

August 13, 2019
LP Spray Paint

Good to work with great coverage

July 12, 2019
LP Spray Paint

Great to use

June 18, 2019
LP Spray Paint

Can recommend.

June 4, 2019
LP Spray Paint

Does what it says on the tin :)

May 15, 2019
LP Spray Paint

brilliant thanks not used yet, but looking forward to using..

May 14, 2019
LP Spray Paint

not the best quality needs to use a lot more paint,but quality lines, needs to be 3 00 constant.

April 6, 2019
LP Spray Paint

Nice colour a good cover

April 3, 2019
LP Spray Paint

Great product

April 2, 2019
LP Spray Paint

Great product with quality stamped all over

August 29, 2018
LP Spray Paint

HONESTLY? Amazing product, directional, lasts a long tie, even coverage and strong contemporary colour.... WOW

July 24, 2018
LP Spray Paint

Not used the product yet but looks just what I wanted.

January 31, 2018