Product Reviews for Mixed Caps (20)

Mixed Caps (20)

I’ve been meaning to say something for a while , but part of my nature is I don’t like to moan ,,, , but after the frustration it’s caused my the past week , I have to say my peace ,, the amount of nozzles I’ve purchased from yourselves since being a customer , I haven’t added it up but I’m sure your records will show , I think I’ve been a loyal , valued (I hope ) customer ,, Not only do I buy my own stuff from you , when I’m working , dong large murals , set design, graffiti workshops, or whenever I get asked where to get the best paint. , it’s only GrafCity !!!! Yes, the amount of nozzles that clog & stop totally after a second , or two ,,, the amount that just don’t work at all !! I’m always , always left with little or no nozzles at all !!!! , I follow the correct procedure , spraying upside down for 3secs till it sprays clear,,, I’ve been using spraycans to graffiti since I was 12, so quite a long time , I’m 50 nearly ,,, and the about of spraycans I’ve gone to use for the first time , eagerly I might add , to find they just do not work ,,, trying several different nozzles ,( when I’ve got some ) ,,,, It’s about 10 cans over the years ,, I’m sorry for the moan guys ,,,,,,, it’s just been really holding me back in my art ,which I’m kicking into a whole new gear & I need to be able to use my cans !!!!! I’m not asking for a refund , and I’ve no intention of going anywhere else for my paint , which is just amazing by the way ,,,, I really am over the moon with what I get from you guys ,,,,,,

March 31, 2021
Mixed Caps (20)

Cheap prices

March 18, 2020
Mixed Caps (20)

Good mix of different caps

March 11, 2019