Graff-City Distribution

We currently distribute a huge selection of brands within the UK/Europe. At present, the list contains Kobra, Molotow, Flame, Dope, Grog, Krink, Stealth, Stencil Cap, Night Quill, Magic Ink, Mr. Serious, Cosmoslac and Spray.Bike.

If you'd like to stock any of these brands, please send your store details to us at Once approved, you will have full access to our online B2B shop.

Please note that trade accounts are only for retailers reselling our products.

This high quality range of art supplies includes high pressure cans, low pressure cans, paint markers and clothing - all manufactured in Italy.

Ironlak products are designed by writers, for writers. They produce a wide variety of spray paints, paint markers, ink markers, twin-tip markers, drawing pads & accessories!

Dope Cans maintain a high quality while managing to produce the cheapest 400ml can on the market - the Dope Classic - which has a retail price of just £2.85 a can. Also included in the range are clothing, markers & emulsion paint.

Clash was born in 2001 at the Colorpack factory in Milan, Italy. Clash started with just spray paint but the range of products has grown to include limited edition cans, markers, paint refills, caps and accessories.

Grog produce an incredibly comprehensive range of markers and refills! Whether you're looking for paint, ink, squeezers or pump markers - Grog make what you need!

Krink products are handmade in the USA and are shipped worldwide from their headquarters in Brooklyn. The product line has grown to offer a number of different markers and inks that are unique to the market in their style.

The first ever range of bicycle-specific colour coating designed for both amateur and professional use; created out of frustration with existing products. The range now consists of 48 colours, metallic flake clear coats, smoothing putty and a transparent finish.

‘Mr. Serious’ is a bags and accessories brand based in The Netherlands. The main focus of the design and development of the brand is to make street art more fun and efficient. Mr. Serious regularly collaborates with talented street artists to create product collections.

Stencil Cap is the original ultra-fine line adapter for professional artist-grade aerosol paint cans.

Stealth Ink was first produced in the Czech Republic in 2006 and was the first of its kind. It's unique formula means that the ink appears colourless at first but the first touch of the sunshine will turn it brown - black. Now available in 4 different markers as well as the refill bottle.

The classic Magic Ink line from Japan. This unique product range covers you for all applications. 

The first home made markers of mixed solid paint were created in the mid-90s in Mexico City in underground ateliers of graffiti writers. Inspired by those heroes, HAND MIXED™ Labs was found, the first clandestine painting laboratory in Europe directed by latino immigrants who introduced the first multicolored stroke marker to the market, filled with tags the streets of the old world, thus revolutionizing the bombing scene on all types of surfaces.