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Molotow the ONE4ALL™ marker system – Nothing is impossible!

Nothing is impossible! ONE4ALL™ markers are suitable for nearly all surfaces and offer an excellent UV resistance (exception: effect shades). The ONE4ALL™ range is the most comprehensive and most sustainable acrylic marker system on the market. The ONE4ALL™ ink has been especially developed to be used in combination with MOLOTOW™ spray cans. The color shades fit to each other and can be combined perfectly. Dependent on the spray can range, it is possible to work with different techniques. CROSSOVER with the URBAN FINE-ART™ spray can range: ONE4ALL™ acrylic markers can easily be applied over the well... Read More

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    Introducing the latest addition to the Posca range: Uni Posca PC-7M Paint Markers have the body of the 8K pen but with a brand new bullet tip! These handy markers produce a 4.5mm-5.5mm line and come in a range of 15 vibrant colours. The opaque water-based paint is quick drying and can be used on almost any surface including glass, metal, wood, ceramics, plastic and more. The Posca PC-7M is ideal for writing, drawing, painting and for large scale filling and shading, and is great for mural work.... Read More



  The Montana Metallic Effect Sprays bring state of the art paint technology to traditional metallic effect colours. Loaded with a Montana Standard cap, these cans provide excellent delivery and reliability under medium pressure output. Not only are the Montana Metallic Effect colours ideal for application on functional objects such as bikes and furniture, they can also add a metallic flare to any creative or artistic project on paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, acrylic and other paintable materials. Made from an Acrylic-Nitro Combination base, the paint... Read More


Stylefile Marker Pens

We have just restocked the popular Stylefile marker. The marker is equipped with a chisel tip and a fineliner tip. With its unique design, the Stylefile marker has a very comfortable grip. Coloured caps and markings enable quick, neat and easy handling. The Stylefile marker is available as a single and various sets. For a free booklet please click here.


The History of Graffiti – Graffiti Comes to the UK

Graffiti Comes to the UK Of course, it didn’t take long for graffiti to migrate to the UK. In the late 1980s hip hop and electro music started to gain popularity, and with it came street art. By the 1990s spray paint was custom made, allowing writers to make their mark with even more elaborate art. One of the UK’s early crews was known as DryBreadZ Crew, and the most famous graffiti writers of all time, Banksy, started out as a member of the crew. Not only was spray paint... Read More


The History of Graffiti

If you thought graffiti was a modern phenomenon, think again. The word ‘Graffiti’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Graffein’, meaning to write, draw, or scratch, and the label came about long before the arrival of Cornbread in Philadelphia in the late 1960s. In fact, the term was first coined in 1851 when inscriptions were found scratched into the walls of the ruins of Pompeii. Modern Graffiti Graffiti, in its crudest form, was used by ‘hobos’ to communicate with each other when travelling the country on freight trains, looking for... Read More


Free Shipping On Orders Over £75

This February we have halved the amount you need to spend to obtain free shipping. This is now set at £75 and available to all customers within the U.K. And don’t forget, we offer points with all orders. Details here.


Montana Cans – Winter Gloves

Every season is painting season. And with the new Montana Winter Gloves now your hands will agree with you. Made of 2.4mm woven nylon and filled with a 3,6mm soft brush acrylic inner lining, the gloves not only offer warmth, but also flexibility while working. The final outer lining is coated with latex that protects against unwanted substance contact. This combination of materials is both breathable and elastic to enable your hands freedom to move with perfect grip due to the serrated finger tips while staying warm between temperatures as... Read More


Bandit 1$M Clothing

We have received a restock from Bandit 1$M. The clothing range created and designed by Scion & Klor who are well known as the Canadian writers 123Klan. Every garment is produced to a very high quality. To view the full range we have on offer simply click here.