Spray Paint

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Water Based Spray Paint

Searching for a water based spray paint? We have a few options for you to consider! There a many benefits for using water based over non water based paints. The obvious is the eco factor, but water based paints have other benefits… Water based paints do not use harmful solvents or dangerous chemicals in it’s application. It also grips well to almost any surface and is weather-resistant. It doesn’t crack or fade in the sunlight… has less potent odor and takes less time to dry! Water Based Paint can also... Read More

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Spray Paint – Our Top Brands

From street graffiti, to fine art. Spray paint is an artists tool that spans a wide range of creative outputs. The styles it offers gives a range of possibilities, allowing creatives to style anything from cars, to up-cycling, fabric and clothing design, to intricate keepsakes. There’s a range of spray paint available, to achieve specific finishes, that would suit any need. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you find and understand some of our best brands. Whether you’re applying the paint to wood plastic, paint, masonry, fabric… we’ve... Read More

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What Caps to buy? Top 5 Spray Cap List.

One of the top questions we get asked… what caps should I get? There’s so many options on the market, but there are clear comparisons between each group. For starters, there’s three main categories; Skinny Caps Fat Caps Specialty Caps While each cap can have a different outcome depending on the can (High or Low Pressure). It’s pretty safe to stick with the above grouping. Skinny Caps Skinny caps have a smaller indent on the stem, allowing for ‘skinnier’ lines. A good starting point with these caps would be to... Read More