Water Based Spray Paint

Searching for a water based spray paint? We have a few options for you to consider! There a many benefits for using water based over non water based paints. The obvious is the eco factor, but water based paints have other benefits…

Water based paints do not use harmful solvents or dangerous chemicals in it’s application. It also grips well to almost any surface and is weather-resistant. It doesn’t crack or fade in the sunlight… has less potent odor and takes less time to dry! Water Based Paint can also be easily cleaned with water.

Out of our collection of water based paints we recommend Molotow Coversall Acrylic Water Based Spray Paint. In addition to Molotows Anti-Drip, No-Dust, Covers-All, & All-Season technologies, the Water Based Coversall includes Ultra Performance Technology. This means the highly opaque and ultra fast drying works even on humid Burner Chrome Paint. The exchangeable caps, in combination with the Soft Vari-Valve, deliver a constant output and a very smooth handling – suitable for all applications.

Application Samples


The sophisticated and strongly pigmented water lacquer of the COVERSALL™ WATER-BASED even works on wet Burner Chrome.


Thanks to the ULTRA PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY you can apply the COVERSALL™ WATER-BASED also on wet spray paint. There’s no need for drying times – you can realize your outlines immediately.


It’s possible to stay incognito with the low odor spray paint of the COVERSALL™ WATER-BASED. The new Soft-Vari-Valve™ lets you handle the can smoothly and controllable even in complicated situations. Additionally, the COVERSALL™ WATER-BASED is extremely economic.

Coversall Acrylic Water Based Spray Paint

The Molotow Coversall Acrylic is a sophisticated, water-based lacquer with a strongly pigmented formula.

Alternative Options…

MTN  Water Based Spray Paint 300

Amsterdam  Spray Paint 

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