Montana Glass Paint

Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml is Nitro-Acrylic-Combi based paint that is delivered under low pressure in a 250ml sized can. The 9 available colours dry to a semi transparent, frosted matte finish.

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Spray Paint – Our Top Brands

From street graffiti, to fine art. Spray paint is an artists tool that spans a wide range of creative outputs. The styles it offers gives a range of possibilities, allowing creatives to style anything from cars, to up-cycling, fabric and clothing design, to intricate keepsakes. There’s a range of spray paint available, to achieve specific finishes, that would suit any need. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you find and understand some of our best brands. Whether you’re applying the paint to wood plastic, paint, masonry, fabric… we’ve... Read More


Montana Chrome & Tarblack 600ml – Special Offer

Pick up these 600ml cans for only £3.75! Offer is available while stocks last. MONTANA SILVERCHROME 600ML This spray can was developed for maximum coverage in minimum time. The Montana Silverchrome 600ml is equipped with the Montana Fat Cap black/orange. The Montana Silverchrome 600ml is absolutely winter-proof for optimal performance in cold climate. This lusciously deep Silverchrome is compatible with other colours leaving a full deep, coat. Also boasting consistent pressure from start to finish for consistent application. To further the potential of this Silverchrome, Montana GOLD and BLACK covers... Read More