What Caps to buy? Top 5 Spray Cap List.

One of the top questions we get asked… what caps should I get?

There’s so many options on the market, but there are clear comparisons between each group.

For starters, there’s three main categories;

  • Skinny Caps
  • Fat Caps
  • Specialty Caps

While each cap can have a different outcome depending on the can (High or Low Pressure). It’s pretty safe to stick with the above grouping.

Skinny Caps

Skinny caps have a smaller indent on the stem, allowing for ‘skinnier’ lines. A good starting point with these caps would be to pair them with a low pressure can, such as a Montana Gold or Molotow Premium.

Here are our top 5 skinny caps;

Molotow Super Skinny Black

Produces super skinny lines, 1-1.5cm! Great for detailed work and will give you a crisp edge.

MTN Grey Dot Skinny Cap

Standard Skinny Cap. They produce very fine lines that make them great for details and have a low pressure valve so they are easy to handle. 

Flame Blue Skinny Pro Caps

Good skinny cap when paired with Flame Blue. It can produce a line approximately 1cm wide, and is prefect for outlines and highlights.

Montana Level 1 & 2

Good skinny caps when paired with the Montana Gold range. Level 1 produces an ultra skinny line, 4mm-15mm. The level 2 creates a fine skinny line, with a with of 6mm-25mm. Good for fine lines and fading.

MTN Original Skinny Pro Caps

Very very skinny cap… specially designed for low-medium pressure cans. These caps will great a thin clean line.

How skinny these caps go all depend on your skill and the way they are used. For beginners, rest your finger on the back of the cap, angle can downwards, and spray. Remember, to achieve smooth, straight lines, keep your arms still, move your body and legs in the directions you want to spray… and be quick! The faster you move, the straighter lines you’ll get.

Fat Cap

As you’d expect with the name, fat caps, make fat lines! If you’re skilled enough, you might also be able to achieve skinny lines with these caps. Pressure applied and the angle of spray all are factors in this.

Here are our top 5 fat caps;

NY Fat Cap

This caps a classic. There’s an empty space in the middle. Creating a circular shape when sprayed. You can get really inventive if you put this cap in I’ve before use. It will then create a halo effect when spraying. Artists like El Mac really use this to their advantage.

Montana Orange Dot caps

This is a great cap for covering large surfaces. The orange dot fat cap sprays a large line and are great for fills and fast applications. Bonus, they are also quieter than other fat caps.

Pink Dot

Good when paired with Montana and MTN. Great cap for covering large surfaces. It sprays a large line, ideal for fills and fast applications.

Molotow Super Fat

As you’d expect with the name, ideal when used with Molotow cans, but are compatible with others. These caps produce a very fat line!

Montana Fat Cap Gold/Black

Ideal with Montana cans, perfect for filling large areas. All round good fat cap.

Overall Fat Caps will give you more coverage, and with practice you’ll might be able to achieve skinny lines. When using these caps, start by placing your can 4-6 inches away from the surface, remember rock your wrist, but keep your arms straight for stability. Fat Caps can also be used to create flares.

Specialty Caps

Speciality caps usually have some unique features, which put them out of the usually skinny or fat grouping. Some might produce a lot of drips (needle caps) others might be good for calligraphy styles. Often or not these caps are a medium gage and are usually an in-between skinny and fat.

Here’s our top 5 specialty cap;

Montana Needle Cap

This one drips A LOT. It’s perfect for detailing, producing a pencil like lines. It’s an effect cap with an average spray width of 4-12mm. It results in fine but dirty lines. The spray width changes with the used distance to the object. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance. For greater splatter effects, withdraw pressure on the cap to half triggering.

Montana Beige Dot Caps

Perfect for fine works, but minimally grubby. The spray width changes with the used distance to the object. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance. Its smooth application is ideal for small-scaled detail work and clean linear output, which is commonly required for outline classic letter graffiti.

Montana Flat Jet Medium or Wide Caps

Flat Jet caps offer a flat spray trajectory that is able to be adjusted to a vertical or horizontal output similar to the Calligraphy Cap. Due to the smooth and equal delivery of the spray output, these caps are ideal for application on objects, sealing surfaces with clear coats and optimises the application of the Montana CRACKLE Effect sprays. The medium version is perfect for small calligraphic effects and tags. While the Wide version is perfect for fill-ins and large surfaces, or large calligraphic effects.

Montana Calligraphy Caps

Very drippy, great for calligraphy. The special nozzle results in a calligraphy line. Suitable for for filling in, but very drippy. The spray width changes with the used distance to the object. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance.

Molotow Tube Cap “Skinny”

These are relatively new on the market, they produce a line width of 5-10mm… a very fine line! It does NOT make clean edges and tends to form drip. Overall it’s a hard jet with very high pressure. Suitable for special effects like drip-outlines

Honourable mentions

MTN Banana Universal Caps

Works on all spray paint brands, great for outlines and detailed work.

Lego Cap

Great all rounder, expect low pressure. Good for tagging, and outlining. (Really good on trains…long range. Especially with a high pressure can).

At the end of the day, each caps performance is down to the artists. Knowing how to pair these with the right spray can, and knowing the surface and environmental aspects can all dictate the outcome of your art. Best advice we can give, and the best way to answer the questions “What Caps should I buy?”….Is…experiment! Find what works for you.

You can pick up the featured caps and more from our online store, with most caps priced at around £0.20! We also have a few cap packs, with a great assortment of top caps.

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