Chalk Spray Paint – Where to start

With the world of up-cycling getting ever more popular, a common question we get asked is… do you sell chalk finish spray paint? The answer, is yes!

A stand out brand in this field is, Fleur Spray Paint. We currently stock their chalky look spray paint. 

Stand out features include;

A true chalk finish.

26 deep matt colours.

Water Based.

Produces an extremely low odour.

One of the main reasons to use chalk spray paint over tined chalk paint is minimal dripping. Spray paint can be applied evenly and smoothly, unlike a brush application. The down side, (there’s always a downside…), for larger applications a tin of paint will go further than a can. So the ideal scenario to be using chalk spray paint would be on small items, or intricate furniture, that requires you to get into difficult corners. Of course, if you want a streak free finish, chalk spray paint is the way to go.

Fleur also sell a range of markers, varnishes and primers, allowing you to prep or seal your surfaces as required. You can also add a distressed look to your work, as you would with tined chalk paint, by sanding down the surfaces after the paint has dried.

This range will give  a matt colour finish, it’s quick to apply, doesn’t drip, and produces low odour on application. It’s a good place to start on any chalk required project.

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